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Barrie’s Best Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury law governs the legal remedies and defenses in civil lawsuits that arise from wrongful conduct. Latin for tort, it means “tort”. This can be translated to mean: twist, wrong, harm. Contrary to criminal law a tort case doesn’t involve the government prosecuting wrongdoers. These cases are private lawsuits that seek compensation (usually money) for the damages caused by defendant’s actions.

If you’ve been injured by the negligence of another, a Barrie personal Injury lawyer will help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Barrie injury lawyers can help you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.

It doesn’t really matter if your injury is physical or psychological. However, it can make it difficult to navigate the days and weeks that follow. An accident, work-related incident or other cause could have caused you to sustain an injury. A personal injury lawyer in Barrie is able to assist you in most cases. You will likely be charged for medical bills and other appointments.

Insurance companies or other victims may also be contacted. It may seem like another phone call that you have to make, but it can help make your life easier. These lawyers are experts on personal injury law and can assist you in all aspects of your case.

What does a Barrie Personal Injury Lawyer do?

Barrie Personal Injury Lawyers are responsible for representing injured claimants and providing them with legal advice, guidance, and representation to help them win compensation. These are the general responsibilities of a Personal Injured Lawyer. They often share similar responsibilities to a Litigator.

* Screening potential clients

* Gathering evidence and investigating claims

* Documenting injuries or expenses

* Calculating damages

* Interviewing witnesses

* Examining medical records

* Drafting motions and pleadings

* Representation of clients during trial

* Counselling clients through the entire claim process

* Client protection from insurance companies and legal system

Barrie Personal Injury Lawyers, on the contrary, will try to limit or nullify the liability and damages due to their client by demonstrating the culpability or trying to negotiate a settlement out-of-court.

Because personal injury law is complex, many lawyers who practice in this field specialize in specific areas such as motorcycle accident claims or spinal injuries.

1. Grillo Law

Grillo Law, a personal injury law firm with over 30 years’ experience, has been a major player in Toronto. Grillo Law has been able to successfully pursue more than 20,000 cases and have settled hundreds of millions of dollar for its clients.

Grillo Law has a large team of personal injury lawyers who are experienced in handling all types of injuries. This includes slip and trips, motor accidents and defective products.

Its lawyers believe that strong cases need to be supported by medical experts. Grillo Law often works with top medical professionals like pain specialists, orthopedic surgeons, and psychiatrists.

Grillo Law works only with licensed medical professionals to validate the cases of its clients.

Grillo Law will take on insurance companies if necessary

2. McLeish Orlando

McLeish Orlando is the only personal injury law firm that can help victims in Barrie. John McLeish, Dale Orlando, and Dale Orlando are two of the most respected personal injury lawyers in Toronto.

McLeish Orlando receives most of its referrals from personal injury lawyers. This proves that the firm has the experience and expertise to care for its clients. It has even been referred by defense lawyers who have worked with them in the past.

McLeish Orlando promises that every client and their families will be protected from the stress that comes with dealings with insurance companies. McLeish Orlando’s lawyers will take care of everything so clients don’t have to worry about the little things.

McLeish Orlando will handle every case. This includes a partner, associate, lawyer, accident benefits coordinator and law clerk as well as a legal assistant.

A professional case manager will assign clients to a team of rehabilitation professionals, who will assist them in returning to their normal lives.

3. Klein Lawyers

Klein Lawyers is a nationally recognized firm that settles class action and personal injury cases. Many of these cases have reached multi-million-dollar figures. Klein Lawyers’ legal team has more than 20 years experience and has helped many victims of Personal Injuries.

Klein Lawyers can assist you with your recovery through their network of experts and treatment providers. While you concentrate on your recovery, Klein Lawyers will start building your claim for damages.

The legal team will help you determine the medical benefits that you are entitled to and point you in the right direction. Klein Lawyers is a quality service that has a legal team that understands both the immediate and long-term effects of an accident and will pursue the compensation you are entitled to.

4. Oatley Vigmond

Oatley Vigmond is a relatively new law firm that has been in existence for just 18 years. This is a significant difference from its competitors. However, it’s quickly become one of Toronto’s most trusted personal injury lawyers. It is made up of many personal injury lawyers and accident benefit specialists.

Barrie is one of few Canadian law firms that will assist clients with personal injury. They have a dedicated team consisting of accident and injury benefits specialists. These experts will handle each client’s statutory accidents benefits and organize a top-notch rehabilitation team to allow clients to concentrate on their recovery.

Oatley Vigmond has expertise in brain injury, spinal injury, motor vehicle accidents and product liability. He also offers medical malpractice, long-term disabilities, disability insurance, and other areas.

Oatley Vigmond, one of the most sought-after law firms in Ontario is available to clients from all corners of the city. There are offices in Toronto, Hamilton Sudbury, Barrie, Barrie, and North Bay.

5. Teggart Personal Injury Law

Bill Teggart, a prominent Ontario personal injury lawyer, is the best-selling author and editor of “From Trauma to Court: A Step by Step Guide to Ontario Personal Injury Law.”

Bill has 25 years of experience and specializes in catastrophic injury claims. This includes traumatic brain injury, complex orthopaedic injuries, and spinal cord injury.

His goal is to ensure that severely injured clients and their families receive the maximum amount of financial compensation. He also provides honest representation in a caring environment. Bill and his law firm were recognized by other lawyers and law firms in The Best Lawyers in Canada in both Personal Injury Law and Insurance Law.


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