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Motivate employees with these ideas

Every business’s lifeblood is its employees. It’s vital to motivate your employees to promote the company’s products or services in this age of Facebook and Twitter. You need to motivate them.

A sales contest can be a great way to motivate your employees and increase your profits. Although it might not make the company’s annual reports, sales contests can be a great way for employees to stay motivated and eager to do more.

Sales contests can be a cost-effective way to motivate employees. They also work and have a long-term impact on your bottom line.

Sales competitions are a favorite of mine. In my ten years of experience as a sales manager, I have had many opportunities to try out different work contest ideas. Some have worked well, while others have failed. This article will share my top tips for organizing sales contests and motivating sales people to achieve outstanding results. We’ve then compiled a list with the best suggestions.

How to make a sales contest a success

12 Employee-Motivation Sales Contest Ideas

  • Poker is a game.
  • The largest number of no’s
  • The day’s award
  • Leave early on Fridays
  • The most advanced
  • The trophy for your team
  • The snooze key is a handy tool.
  • Scavenger hunt / Bingo for sales

The “above-and-beyond” award goes to someone who does more than is expected.

  • Shakespeare’s plays
  • The fantasy football team
  • Chance encounter
  • Use Workplace Contests and Sales Game to Motivate Employees

How to make a sales contest a success

Research shows that fostering healthy competition among sales teams can significantly improve results. Contest ideas for motivating employees are a great way to do this.

Do you really need me to show that salesmen can be competitive?

Although sales competitions can be a great way to encourage competitive spirit, they should not be used to promote one individual over the other.

It is about motivating the whole team to reach new heights. Remember that the three main objectives of a sales contest are:

  • Perform better than those below the average.
  • It is important to increase team activities.

Team morale can be improved

These objectives have no direct relationship to sales growth. Sales competitions that are based on “who sells the most” can have a negative impact on all three objectives.

A short project was completed by the Bizzabo AE-BDR teams.

Your sales competition should not be based on the best-selling salesperson.

Most people mistakenly believe that team motivation competitions are designed to reward top-selling representatives. The concept of “highest monthly revenue wins X” is the basis for the worst sales games.

Imagine yourself as a new salesperson, or someone who struggles to produce consistently. Your boss is looking forward to the introduction of the new workplace contest. It’s the first of the month. The criteria for winning are, as is usual, selling more than anyone else. Manager believes that the reward of a 4K TV will motivate everyone and that representatives will be competitive, which will lead to record sales months.

It is more likely that top performers, who perform consistently well, will advance in the first week. They will realize they are unlikely to win and the other representatives, whose output they really need, will be left behind.