Why you should hire a real estate lawyer

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Why you should hire a real estate lawyer

Many people associate lawyers with bad things like divorce, personal injury, and tenant eviction. There are many situations in which sound legal advice is possible. A lawyer can be hired to help you with your real estate transaction. These are the people who can benefit from the services of a real-estate law firm.

  • A couple who are newly married and looking to purchase a house.
  • Sellers and buyers who wish to avoid any legal issues with residential transactions.
  • A first-timer selling real estate;
  • Owners of condominiums who want to ensure they are following landlord-tenant laws.

There are many reasons to hire Shenandoah real-estate lawyers. We’ll be listing seven of the most important ones in this article. Contact our Shenandoah law office if you are ready to hire legal representation in real estate transactions. Give us a call to get legal assistance for your real estate property.

The benefits of hiring a real estate law attorney

All paperwork should be reviewed and drafted.

Every real estate transaction involves many contracts. These are the most common documents that you will need to fill out:

  • Home Inspection Reports
  • Disclosures
  • HOA documents
  • Appraisals
  • Sales contracts

Your mortgage lender or real estate agent can help you with the deal, but they are not experts in real estate or contract law.

An attorney is familiar with these matters and can help you to draft a contract specific for your deal. You can also ask them to help you look through the contract of a seller in order to determine if there are any issues.


Negotiating is a process that requires a lot of experience. Real estate lawyers who have worked with real estate professionals for years are well-versed in negotiating. They are better equipped to negotiate a deal in your best interests.

Title and Lien Search

Before any real estate purchase, a lien and title search are performed. A title search verifies the legal ownership of a property. This confirms that the seller is legally authorized to sell the property and that there are no financial claims against it.

To avoid any future disputes, a real estate attorney will thoroughly complete the title and lien searches. They will resolve any outstanding title issues or problems with the title and negotiate a solution.

If the problem cannot be solved, they will advise you to immediately stop the transaction. This saves you both time and energy.

Examining Disclosures

It doesn’t matter how trusting you are on the other side, it is always better to examine the property with care.

Real estate sales often require home inspections and disclosures. So that homebuyers can make informed decisions, sellers must disclose any defects. Scammers might try to hide problems in the property by using technical jargon.

An attorney who specializes in real estate can help you make sure that all details are correct before buying a house. They can help you understand all of the legal jargon and review all disclosures.


Closing on a property is a complex process. The entire process involves everything, from the filing of the deed to any last-minute problems with the transaction.

Closing a property is a complex process. The first step is to file the deed. Final-minute disputes can be resolved by another part of the closing process.

A closing document is essential for anyone who wants to invest in real estate. This document records all financial transactions that occurred during the sale process.

The closing document could include:

  • The seller was paid the final amount
  • When the escrow account was fully funded
  • What was the amount of earnest money paid by the buyer?

An experienced closing attorney can prepare your documents for residential or commercial real estate. This will ensure that they meet all legal requirements.

Proper Filing

A new deed must be filed if there has been a change of ownership. A deed is a legal document. You should consult someone who has knowledge of property law. A mistake can cost you money and time, as well as the hassle.

A skilled real estate attorney will make sure that all legal requirements are met in the deeds they prepare. They are skilled and able to do the job accurately and efficiently because they have so much knowledge.

Last Thoughts

A family lawyer is available to help with custody and divorce cases. There are estate planning lawyers for trusts and wills. You will need a real estate attorney to help you with your selling and buying concerns.

A real estate lawyer can provide many benefits. An attorney can help property owners sell their property, or individuals looking to purchase property.

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