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Prospective clients love to ask open-ended sales questions. Once the first question is answered, it becomes clear that we must have a list. This is a great place to start a list of open-ended sales questions. These questions can either be answered with our answers or with a copy our sales brochure. The 35 open-ended sales questions are a good starting point, but it is not the only way to go. You will also want to create your own list to answer these questions.

Today, we will be discussing open-ended sales questions. Open ended questions can be answered with yes or no but there are no best answers. The question, “What do YOU think about the new CEO?” could be answered by “I believe he has made the company better” or “I think that he has failed.”

You are now an expert in the sales process. It’s time for you to get out there and start selling. This article will teach you how to answer the 35 most common open-ended questions salespeople ask. Learn what to say when you are asked open-ended questions. This article will help you understand the differences between closed-ended and opened-ended questions. Let us know your thoughts and share them with us.

Followers of my work will know the importance of an insatiable curiosity. This will allow you to be more creative, productive, as well as successful. This article will discuss both closed-ended questions that you should avoid and 35 open-ended questions that you can ask.

Consider adopting an insatiable curiosity practice to become the professional equivalent of The Beatles or Steve Jobs depending on your field.

These are open-ended sales questions that don’t require a specific answer.


A question that’s open ended elicits more thought and more than a single word response. These questions are often formulated with the words “What”, “How” and “Why.”

These are some basic examples of open-ended question:

  • How are you feeling today?
  • What did you have for breakfast this morning?
  • These papers are necessary for me to be able to work.

Consider the following closed-ended questions, which can only be answered by a yes/no answer:

  • What about pizza for lunch?
  • Are you thinking of a weekend trip to the beach?
  • Do you have any questions?
  • Let’s examine the difference.
  • Types of questions: Open-ended vs. Closed-ended
  • You could ask the person at the other end of your line if they have any questions.
  • Have you got any other questions?
  • If you answer yes, they will ask you another question.

If you respond no, the discussion will stop immediately. This will leave you searching for the next topic or thread in an unpleasant manner. You may also lose the opportunity to distinguish yourself from other suppliers or gain additional information that could be of benefit later.

Instead, you can ask:

Which questions can you ask me right now?

It is possible to have a longer conversation than if you asked closed-ended questions. You may be asked a dozen additional questions by them, which will give you the opportunity to ask more exploratory questions to gain valuable information.

Even if they don’t have urgent questions, they may be able to recall additional questions that they might have not thought of.

Asking open-ended questions in sales can help you increase your funnel in surprising ways. Keep reading to learn more about why and some examples that you might use during your next sales call.


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