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Which is best for you?

Ever wonder what happens when an inside sales representative calls to sell a product? Maybe you have already called an outside sales representative for the same product. Is it any different if you called an outside sales rep for the same product or service? Here’s the truth. The outside sales reps are trained in selling to the end user and do a great job. They are able to close deals.

You think your next career move cannot be determined with just a few numbers and facts? You might be wrong. Many companies will tell you that an outside sales position is the best way to go. But research shows that this is not the case. Some people, like you, may find it more beneficial to work inside, as you can do your job however you wish, without the restrictions of an outside sales culture.

Both inside sales and outside sales have proven success in sales training. Both are effective in getting your name out and moving your business forward. Which one is right for you? Both.

When forming your sales team, one of the most crucial decisions you will have to make is whether to prioritize sales from within or outside. Because of the epidemic, almost all salespeople are now selling remotely. We look forward to a normal world. Which model will businesses fall to?

Both seem to be in conflict with the one focusing on customers who have high acquisition costs and ACV (annual customer value), and the other focusing on sales velocity.

They are just two sides to the same sales coin. Your business will almost certainly require both. We will discuss the advantages of each type of salesperson and why you should have both. Finally, we’ll show you how to choose the right mix for your company.

We’ll then discuss the details of what to look for in a salesperson to fill those gaps in your team.

What is Inside Sales? How does it work?

Because inside sales takes place entirely in the office at the desk of the sales representative, it is sometimes called remote sales. Inside sales uses all communication technologies to enable salespeople to sell face-to-face instead of selling face-to–face.

  • Telefon
  • Email
  • VOIP
  • Platforms for CRM

Plus, many other things
Inside sales is something that any sales team can use, but it’s also one of the most used sales methods in B2B. It’s especially popular for SaaS or IT.

It is a common misconception that inside sales is telemarketing. This misconception is slowly starting to dissipate. It is impossible to believe that the opposite is true.

Telemarketing is different from other marketing methods in that it can be scripted. It is possible for anyone, even a computer to do it. For inside sales, however, a salesperson must be trained. You can do it by phone, Skype or email. Or, you could use a web conference . It makes no difference.

Inside sales refers to sales that are performed remotely by a salesperson using outbound tools and a CRM platform.

What is Outside Sales? How does it work?
Outside sales is the selling of goods or services through face-to-face meetings. The outside sales reps, also known as “field sales”, do not work in the company. Instead, they meet prospects outside the office.

Selling outside requires a lot of travel, independence and emotional intelligence.

Because they deal with larger and more expensive clients and products than inside salespeople, outside sales reps are often referred to as the company’s stars.

You can do a significant amount of work from your office by using modern sales technology such as Zoom and Skype. On the other hand, outside salespeople are known for their flexibility and willingness to make sales wherever and whenever they are needed.