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In the business world, the term “gatekeeper” is common. The person who determines whether you will have access to something is called the gatekeeper. This person is crucial, but it also indicates that you face a significant challenge.

Your boss is your gatekeeper. As a salesperson, you will spend all day trying to prove you are the right person for the job. This is how to get past the gatekeeper and move forward with your job search. Deliver value: Your boss is the most important thing that you can do to make sure your job search succeeds. If she doubts that you can do the job, she will ask you why you want to work with her. 2. Always ask for feedback. Your boss will be grateful for the added value you bring to the company. She wants to know that you are still interested in working with her, despite your confidence in you.

It is a difficult task to get past the gatekeeper. This requires special skills and insight.

Our representatives have difficulty getting past the gatekeepers because they are often unaware of the company’s structure or organization and refuse to transfer their direct names.

  • Our Enterprise SDRs hit a brick wall while dialing into their target accounts.
  • I don’t want my email marketing to be dependent on each prospect.
  • How do you prospect large clients such as these?
  • Let’s first define what a gatekeeper in the business world is before we get started.
  • Who are the gatekeepers in sales?

A gatekeeper in sales is someone who intercepts sales and marketing professionals before they meet with business owners or leaders. They are common in large businesses and organizations where they listen carefully to sales pitches and determine if it will benefit the company.

They can either meet with the business owner, or politely inform them that they aren’t interested in their company after they have been authorized. Salespeople often contact gatekeepers first, via email or phone.

These are the details:

  • Receptionists
  • Personal assistants or secretaries
  • Spouses and relatives
  • Is Gatekeeping a Negative Thing
  • This issue may be viewed in two different ways.

If the person you are working with isn’t well-educated on how to do their job, gatekeeping could be a problem. They could be new employees who don’t know the organization structure of the company. This could make it difficult for you to sell if they are not familiar with the company’s mission, values, brand, and vision.

Gatekeepers on the other side act as a screening mechanism and carefully filter out transactions and relationships they do not consider appropriate for their elders. They act as a barrier to prevent unwanted distractions and time-wasters from distracting their primary responsibilities. They create the image and the client experience.

How can you get past the gatekeeper?

These are some tips that will help you to get past the gatekeeper

Respect one another

All receptionists, helpers and telephone operators must be treated with respect. Receptionists, helpers and phone operators are the first point of contact for sales teams. They must be polite. You can lose the opportunity to close the deal if you get angry or rude. No matter if they are able to link you with their supervisors, be kind and show your appreciation.

Be patient and understanding

Demonstrate you are able to relate to the situation. To encourage someone to share their feelings, it is important to make them feel comfortable and confident. Demonstrate empathy. You do this every day as you research and try to understand your target prospects. It shouldn’t be difficult to do the same thing with gatekeepers.


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