What Are the Most Common Car Accidents that result from a pedestrian accident?

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It was discovered that pedestrians face the risk of 85% when crossing the street. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), up to 7000 pedestrians died in traffic or no-traffic-related accidents in 2020. many pedestrians suffered serious injuries due to accidents.

No doubt accidents give an experience that is catastrophic. The victim goes through shock and endures a lot of pain due to physical trauma, emotional and mental stress, lost wages and financial loss since he spends a lot of money for medical expenses. Every day we walk to school buses, parks, bus stops or shopping centres. We walk across streets to get to our destination. Accidents can occur as a result of negligence by drivers.

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Perhaps you or someone close to you has suffered due to the negligence of someone else. Contact a California Personal Injury Lawyer right away. Your lawyer will assist you to take steps against the culprits and claim damages.

Here are some common reasons that lead to pedestrian accidents.

Car accidents can lead to serious injuries. The victim pedestrian, suffers severe injuries when a car driver hits him badly. He may suffer head injuries, internal bleeding, multiple fractures and other internal and external damages.

Let me highlight the most frequently cited causes of pedestrian accidents. These accidents could save lives and assist in preventing others from being hurt.

Distracted Driving Distraction driving can be one of the main causes of pedestrian accidents. A slight distraction from the car driver could end the life of the pedestrian. Distraction happens due to

  • Phone ringing
  • Engaging in a debate with the other passenger in your car
  • Suddenly watching something on the right or left side
  • Changing music
  • Drinking or eating food.


A car driven at a high speeds can lead to an accident. It is challenging to brake in an emergency while driving at high speed.

Driving under the influence

If the driver is drunk, then the chances of an accident rise. He can hit the pedestrian since drunk drivers lose senses to control the car. He is unable to control his thoughts and reacts to extreme situations.

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Bad weather

Bad weather conditions could cause accidents. The pedestrian is advised to stay at home in bad weather, but occasionally walking outside, he could encounter an accident. Bad weather like heavy snow, heavy rain or wind storms can create difficult conditions for the driver as the driver is unable to see the pedestrian.

Dark colors at the night

A variety of factors can affect visibility on roads like the dim light on the street or poor headlight of the car. While there might be light problems at night, it’s possible that drivers do not notice pedestrians walking across the road and then smash them.

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Road Construction

People take alternate routes as they cross roads. The driver does not even think of the pedestrians who will cross the way. The result is an accident.

Don’t disregard signals for traffic

If the driver does not pay attention to the traffic signal or tries to speed through the red light. Then this can increase the chance of sudden catastrophic accidents.

Incorrectly Crossing The Road

Sometimes pedestrians commit mistakes when crossing the road. They don’t look at the road or wait for cars to pass. Sometimes they cross the road in a risky way, which could lead to accidents.

Claiming For Compensation If You Were Injured As A Pedestrian

You can claim compensation if you’re a pedestrian and are injured in an accident that was caused by negligence. You are entitled to claim compensation for

  • Medical bills
  • Lost Wages,
  • Financial Loss

Also, you can claim mental and emotional pain.

If your loved one died because of the carelessness of the driver who was at fault you are entitled to compensation for the wrongful death of your loved one.

Bottom Lines

Although pedestrian accidents may be caused by many factors however, negligence of drivers is usually the primary reason. The victim suffers severe injuries, both mentally and emotionally. The result is that the victim suffers emotionally, physically, and financially. California Personal Injury Attorney is able to assist victims in obtaining compensation for all their losses. Your lawyer will review the case and collect all the evidence necessary to establish your case. He will also claim against the insurance companies of the at-fault driver and try to make a fair settlement. In addition, he’ll do all the paperwork work for you, and also represent you in court. He will defend your case until you win it.